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 Cedar vs Spruce Fences
Choosing the right fence for your yard depends on several different conditions of your yard and what appearance you are wanting to archive. Cedar fences have a tint of red color with a rough texture picket they are available in 4'' and 6'' width pickets and withstand the elements of weather better than the spruce, if your yard has a sprinkler system we recommend using cedar rails and pickets. Cedar wood takes stains and wood protectors better than the spruce and will give you a longer life and appearance for your property. Spruce fences or white pine will also give you a long life but won't last as well under constant water as the cedar and the standard width of pickets is 3 1/2'' with a smooth texture but the cost is less. Give us a call and we will happy to come to your home or business and discuss which fence would be best for your conditions and give you a free estimate.
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